Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Hard Working Woman

You’re a hard working woman.  You know what you want and you’re doing whatever you can to get it. You’re not afraid of rejection, exhaustion, or lack of free time. You will not sleep until problems are solved and dreams are achieved. 

For the most part, this hard work has paid off. You are satisfied with most of the things in your life and you know that your hard work got you there.

Now, you find yourself in shark infested waters. Your paddling as hard as you can in your perfect boat but you’re getting nowhere. That goal, that dream, that hope, is not happening.
You’re waiting to conceive a baby, get a better job, for relief from pain, for healing, to find a spouse, for your marriage to get better.

You have asked God to give you these things. You have prayed over and over about them and while praying you have worked harder than you ever have before to make them happen. You look around you and people who don’t know God are having more babies than they can take care of, have amazing jobs, awesome marriages, perfect kids, gorgeous bodies and feel fantastic.

“What about me”? You think. I’m doing everything right, yet getting nothing. 

The enemy wants to make you curl up in the fetal position under your blanket and hide your tears so that you will give up, feel like a failure, and forget about everything else in your life that is perfect. 

What does God want you to do?

God wants you to have hope in Him. He wants you to relax, and trust that His purpose is best for you. This does not mean to stop working hard on your goal; what it means is to not grow weary while working on that goal. 

It means to put your confidence in God and not in yourself. It means to be open to God’s plans for your life, whether or not it aligns with your master plan. 

I know this is hard for you. For all of your life, your hard work is what has gotten you to your desired destination. Can you trust that God ultimately has the power to control your life? Can you continue to work hard AND let go so that God can take over?

Do you believe that God wants the best for you? If you don’t believe this, then no wonder you are getting weary while waiting for your dream.  

In Isaiah 40:31 he writes “but those who have hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint”. 

Hope. It all comes down to hope. Hope in God, in His plan, in His timing, and in His power. This is ultimately what saves us from drowning in shark infested waters. Even when our dreams, goals, and desires are still blank we feel joy and satisfaction in Him. 

Even hard working women (and men) need to be carried on wings of eagles. 

Keep on working hard, take time to rest, and put your Hope in God.

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