Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Are Smartphones Changing the Way we Parent?

This Article Was Originally Featured In Moms Magazine. Click the Link to Read the Full Article. Link to Full Article at Moms Magazine
We are white noise people. My husband and I will toss and turn all night if there is not some sort of background noise. So naturally, we put a white noise machine in our baby’s room the night we returned from the hospital. Being the overly prepared mom that I am, I have numerous white noise apps on my smartphone just in case the power goes out, or I need some white noise while shopping in Target.

It never dawned on me that this was causing any harm on my child. When my mother started questioning if all of the apps I was using were really necessary or helpful to the baby, I started to re-think my obsession with my phone. While baby boomers would have been lucky to have a sound monitor, today’s parent has thousands of parenting apps to choose from that entertain, teach and keep their kids safe...Link to Full Article at Moms Magazine
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