About Haley

Hi, I am Haley Lillibridge. I am a blogger, boutique owner, wife and mom and I have a strong passion for God, grace, and providing encouragement and inspiration to women like you. 

I was born and raised a southern bell, then after going to school in Ohio, fell in love with a mid-west buckeye. We have now been married for 6 years, and have one sweet toddler boy, and a very large, mischievous black lab. 

When I am not in the kitchen feeding all my growing boys, serving at MOPS, or loving on my sweet boys, I am nose deep in God's word learning all there is to know about how to live life here on earth according to God's will and purpose. I believe that the Bible is the best self-help book on the market, and that it has all the answers we need to help with life's everyday challenges.

I have a Master's Degree in Professional Counseling and a strong background in Biblical teaching. I love helping others reach their full potential and find God's grace in their life. 

My education and experience in mental health, my passion for encouraging women, and my love for any and all things that point to God has led me to write about my journey to serve God in the midst of my simple but chaotic life. 

Here at Grace, Purpose, & Pearls you will find faith based devotions about parenting, marriage, and homemaking. My hope is that you will be supported, encouraged, and inspired by what you read.  

I am also a contributor at Moms Magazine, where I write and give advice about pregnancy, babies, toddlers, parenting, and the joys of being a mom. To visit my author page, and see a list of my articles, click here Moms Magazine

In the summer of 2015 my sister, Lesley Buttars and I opened the Grace, Purpose and Pearls Boutique featuring clothing by Lularoe, faith based/inspirational gifts and southern decor. Please click on the boutique tab at the top of your screen and see all of the amazing products we offer that are designed to make you feel beautiful on the inside and out!

I encourage you to leave comments, join in on discussions, and email me with any questions you have. Life is sometimes hard and very messy, but God is always with us to provide strength, bravery, and love. Let's all unite and support one another in this beautiful, messy life!


Haley Lillibridge, M.A

Disclosure Policy :
Grace, Purpose & Pearls is associated with Affiliate programs. This means that if you click on the advertisements on this site and purchase something through the link I may be compensated for a small percentage of the sale. Thank you for supporting Grace, Purpose & Pearls.  

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