Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Prayer

Thanksgiving Blessing
Today I am thankful for the gift of being able, 
to hold my babies tight and kiss my love goodnight. 
Today I am thankful for a house to call my home, 
for doors that always lock and keep me safe from those that knock. 
Today I am thankful for gathering around a table, 
 for a bed to rest my head after my family is so well fed. 
Today I am thankful for the smiling faces that surround me, 
for the love they pour into me and for the energy that they give me. 
Today I am thankful to live in a land where I am able, 
to be free to live my life and worship whomever I like. 
Most importantly on this day,
 I am thankful for my God above, 
who gives me unconditional love. 
Who forgives me for my sins, and gives me hope & grace from His heavenly place.
 I am thankful to be able to know Him and spend the rest of my life beside Him. 
He is my rock and my redeemer, so I want to tell all dreamers, 
that my wish for you tonight, is that you would give your life to Christ, 
so that someday when you’re done dreaming, 
you would meet Jesus face to face. 
~Haley Lillibridge~

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