Thursday, April 2, 2015

My Big Questions: God's Big Answers

God, I have a confession.

I doubt I will be surprised...but shoot.

Sometimes I feel like there are giant mountains sitting in front of me. If this mountain would just be removed, my life would make sense, you would make sense, and I would be able to really live my life for you.

I have already given you everything that you need to get through this day and the next.
(1 Corinthians 10:13)

I Know, But what about those mountains?  
I know about the mountains.  And I know the plans that I have for you. Do not worry about the mountains. Trust in Me. Put your Faith in Me. Put your hope in Me. (Jeremiah 29:11)

What do I do while I am waiting for the mountains to be removed?

Who says you have to wait? Trusting in Me and having faith in Me means living out My will and your purpose even when the mountain is in front of you. (Psalm 33: 4-6)

Whoa God, that is some big time trust.

I am a big time God.

Sometimes your way seems wrong, and I doubt that I am doing the right thing.

I know, that is because you have free will to think as you want and be tempted by the evils of the world. (Proverbs 16:9)   

God, I need help with this. There are days when I feel so close to you and days when you feel so far away. I don't like this. I want to see things through your eyes everyday. I want to see you and feel you at all times. 

Although the Holy Spirit lives within you, sometimes you ignore it. Sometimes you get tempted by the evils of this world and your thoughts and mind gets twisted. 

God, I am not trying to ignore you...why does it happen?

When you pull away from me.....even for a second....your mind and body are opened and evil makes a jump for you. This is why you must keep watch. Keep your thoughts on me. Keep praying to Me. Read my Living Word daily. Surround your self with friends and family who also love and know me.(Mark 14:38)

I am sorry God, that I pull away sometimes. Where are you when I pull away. Sometimes I feel so alone.

You are never alone my sweet child. My love for you is larger and wider that you can fathom. I will never leave or forsake you. I made you, I have big plans for you, I love you, I forgive you for every single time you pulled away and sinned. 

Oh God, I know you love me. Do you remember when you answered that big time prayer of mine? That was amazing. Remember when you made the impossible happen?

I do remember that...I have more...a lot more of those moments for you. Those moments when you felt my hands on your face and you felt all was right with the world...that is available to you every second of everyday. I give you these glimpse of me to help you understand how much I love you.

I love you too God, I want to give you my life and I want your will to be done.

Your name is written in the stars. You have a place in heaven. 

Now listen to me. You must go forth and tell others the good news about Me (Mark 16:15). You have a purpose and that purpose is to glorify me.(Colossians 3:23) The details of this will look different for everyone because everyone has a different gift from me. This is not optional...this is my love Me and love one another. (John 15:12) 

You are right God, sometimes I get way to caught up in my needs and my wants. I forget that my life is not about me. It is about you and how I can serve you and do my part in your master plan.

God, can I ask you one more thing today? I know that it is not all about me, and that you give me all I need to get through each day, but what about the future? What about that mountain? Is it alright for me to ask you to remove it as long as it is your will for it to be removed?

Ah here we are...back to the mountain question.

I am glad you asked.

Of Course. I want to you pray to me about anything and everything. Everything you go through is important to me. The more you pray to me and read my word, the better you will understand what my will for you is. This is the first step in moving the mountain. (Luke 22:39-46)

Jesus knew that he had to die and be separated from me for a while so that you could be eternally saved. He knew what this would cost Him, and yet, he still prayed to me "Abba, Father, everything is possible for you.  Take this cup from me.  Yet not what I will, but what you will" (Mark 14:36). 

I am confused, what does this mean God?

You can't pretend with me. I know your thoughts and desires. Of course it is alright to tell me what is on your heart. It is better to tell it to Me than to deny it and be tempted by evil. Ask me for what is on your heart, and like Jesus, affirm your commitment to Me and My purpose. 

God, my child is up from his nap now...I don't want to leave this conversation..but I have to go be a mom now.

You are leaving your chair, but you are not leaving me. Take what you have learned and apply it to the rest of the day with your child. This is how you stay connected to me always. Remember earlier when I spoke to you about serving others? You are doing that right now as you go pick up your child, wrap your arms around them, kiss them, give them a snack and then make them laugh. Those things sometimes feel small to you...but they are BIG to me.

Now go, nothing makes me happier than watching you love others as I have loved you....  

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