Saturday, June 27, 2015

Life & Love: A Prayer for the Sunny Days and Rainy Days

Life can give you giggles that fill your soul with joy and life can be confusing and sometimes difficult to swallow. The only rock to keep you steady through life's uncertain paths is the one who knows you best and created you out of love. If your day is sunny and full of belly aching laughter this prayer is for you. If your heart is aching and you have no more tears to shed...this prayer is for you...

 The only safety net we really have is God's unfailing love.
We have no control over this crazy world or the people we encounter each day.
We do, however, have control over our thoughts, our prayers, and our love.
Do you choose to love? Every Day? To those you like and dislike?
People can be taken away from us faster than a second. 
People can change their entire lives in the matter of one decision.
But God is bigger than bad decisions and catastrophes.
God can turn mistakes in to miracles and destruction into paradise.

Every Day is a day to give thanks, a day to praise the Lord.
Where disaster strikes and hunger growls we still praise your name.
When peace overflows and love grows deep we still praise your name.
Even though we don't always know why, where, when or how
 we know you are there, with your hand and your staff giving us all we need.
Words can heal and words can steal but only You can permanently save.

Slow me down and help me notice Your goodness & overflowing grace.
Fill me up and pour me out as a blessing to those big and small.
May not a second go by that I myself cause anyone to do harm.
Keep me from evil and show me the path that You have paved directly for me.
May I be a haven and source of joy to those You have entrusted to me today.
May I notice Your love and joy where I am sitting right this minute.
I give my heart, my life, my mind to You today and everyday.
I may be a wife, a daughter, and mom, a sister and a friend,
but first I am a child of God who has a purpose and a plan.


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