Friday, May 8, 2015

Dear Moms, Remember this on Mother's Day.

“We are starting to think about starting a family” I tell my mom one day. 

“It will change your life completely” she responded.

A few years later, I have to say, I completely agree....

I never knew I could feel joy that hurts my every bone.

I never knew I could feel so alone while being surrounded by people who need me.

I never knew I could walk out of a room, head held high, and completely at peace, as my child wails in a shopping cart…..over a lolly pop. 

I never knew that I would be faced with difficult situations daily. I never knew that my heart and mind would be stretched to the limits.

I never knew what tired felt like, until I became a mom.

I never knew what it meant to put others first, until I became a mom. 

I had no idea that I would find myself crying on the floor of the nursery, begging God to help my child sleep.

I had no idea that my needs could matter so little, compared to the needs of a child.

I understand now more than ever that…..

In 100 years, it won’t matter what show I watched, or what kind of car I drove. It won’t matter if my body was perfect, or if my mother’s day was extravagant. 

What will matter is that I took the gift God gave me, and while investing every ounce of my being in to this child, grew into the person God created me to be.

What will matter is the legacy that I leave when I come home to Jesus. 

What will matter is not the gossip down the street, but the lives that are changed by my son… who learned what it meant to follow Jesus…from his mom. 

I am not just a mom. I am a woman, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend, an encourager and a child of God who has been blessed beyond measures by a little boy. 

Remember, on this Mother’s Day, and every day, that our children are God’s children and that we have been given an incredible and challenging gift to be their mothers. It is not always easy, but God is able to use us in incredible ways through our everyday interactions with our children. 

Mother’s Day is not about the perfect gift, or the perfect day. Motherhood is a gift. Let us focus our attention on the infinite number of ways we are blessed by our children today, and the infinite number of blessings that are coming our way….

Heavenly Father, Bless us today. Open our eyes to your beauty in the midst of our earthly messes. Keep our families safe as we walk through this uncertain world. Keep our eyes focused on you in the midst of mealtimes, bath times, homework time, and play time. Give rest to our tired mind and bodies and the wisdom we need to make good decisions. Thank you for each of our precious children that you have blessed us with. May the world someday be better, because You made me a mom.

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